Cathartic Climes

Cathartic Climes

Storm winds blow, Light wavers, Clouds loom above, Electric stars burn. At the brink of destruction, A pale glow is... Read more »


My mind now drifts, Unsure where it is going. I let my worries take over. Now they will not leave... Read more »

Love Craze

My back against the wall I’m all alone in the hall. Really wish yesterday Would just all go away. I... Read more »

Silent Radio

I remember when I used to listen and allow my eyes to glisten When my chosen song came on. How... Read more »

Modern Friendship

Everyone goes about their daily lives. Friends are made and lost, But mostly they are forgotten Until their lost memory... Read more »

A Lonely Drop

Just a change from the norm. Here’s a poem I wrote a month or so ago. I don’t mind people... Read more »