All These Little Things…

…I want to tell you

but probably never will.

I’m not that kind of guy, plus the guy you’re “kinda seeing” is friendly. I like him.
If he was a total dick, I’d want to drag you away, fo your own good as well as for my own deeply personal feelings.

I could say I’m helpless and lost, but I’m not. I know exactly where I am and I’m still in control of myself. I just don’t know how much I can cope, fooling myself that it could happen but probably wouldn’t, only to then realise you heard it from someone else or inuitively worked out my feelings for you and made up your mind one way or the other. I’d hate to be the guy who dragged you away from someone who treats you well or the one who gets pushed away because I’d gone too far.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Again.
I won’t give up, but I won’t stick my neck out. I’ll bide my time. IF the opportunity ever presents itself, I’ll see if it’s right for me to pursue it. Until then I’ll always be the guy you can trust and confide in. I’m a friend before anything else and my feelings aren’t important compared with my need for your friendship.

Light and Love,

PW )O(

The Tormented by ~AutumnPerfume (on deviantArt)

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    1. I’m trying to only post images I make myself or know the authors of. 🙂 There were so many good ones I found with no author linked to them that I had to ignore.

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