…and then Semester 2 began…

Yea. Semester 1 was not fun. Exams have been horrible and stressful.

It’s about time I got to change modules. I’ve had it up to way over my head with quantum mechanics at the minute.

On the plus side I did get Lacuna Coil’s new album through the post! =)


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It’s just brilliant!!!!

Also, I had a bit of a brainwave the other day. If Physics doesn’t take me anywhere or I fail it miserably at it, I can always become a full time blogger. Genius!right? -___-” What do you guys think?

At the minute I just need to sort out how I’m going to make money off this, but hell: you readers are my only care at the mo. No point trying to earn money off something that no one reads, right?

Anyway, last thing… I just wanted to share a track off Dark Adrenaline that hit me lyrically as well as musically.

“Intoxiated” – Lacuna Coil


Broken mirror,
Seven years of stolen luck.
I try to fix you one more time
But I must let it die,
The dream that we’d survive.
Cut my throat if I tell a lie.

Set it free,
Lost ambition.
I overthought my place in your life.
Set it free,
I gave up on this fairy tale lie.

Blind man’s wisdom.
Cross my heart but it’s a lie.
I kept us going the last time.
You used one of your nine lives
I gave up all of mine.
Cut my throat if I tell a lie.

In the world that I created,
I’m intoxicated.

Set it free,
Lost ambition
And now I won’t look back,
I’ve turned my back.
I’m off the ground.
Set it free,
And now the air I breathe is poison free.
I’m freedom bound.

And with this, I’ll leave you until my next entry.

Is there anything you guys want me to write about? I also have a channel on Youtube where I could upload extra stuff and even mention you while answering questions. http://youtube.com/youvebeenhelpdesked
That’s all for now!
PW )O(

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3 thoughts on “…and then Semester 2 began…

  1. Found your site via Diaspora and will add it to my google reader. The combination of Physics and depression caught my attention. I'm considering a career in Physics, though I'm 29 and have an IT career. I also have been diagnosed with depression. I would be interested to hear how you decided to go school for Physics.

  2. I've been interested in Physics for years now. I was never the best in my class, but everyone in class came to me to explain how a theory worked and apparently I was very clear and even helped some of the people who couldn't understand maths or physics to pass.I've also been very interested in IT. I had a summer placement in a shop and was part of the repairs team – I loved my time there.It's not so much Physics and depression being linked, it's just what I've been like and into for the last 5 or 6 years although I thought I was over the latter… but I guess you probably know about falling back into it too…Feel free to share the blog with others =)

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