Another mission accomplished

I haven’t updated in a while. Apologies all round.

I’ve been caught up in a contest on facebook which my page took part in and came a handsome joint 5th. I’m happy with that! It just proves that it’s not the name you use but what you post that defines you.
My word for the contest was “abulia” meaning <loss or impairment of the ability to make decisions or act independently> (according to which is derived from the Greek a-: without and –boule: will.

I can happily consider myself satisfied by the result and how well it was received. (To keep up with future excitement I suggest you like the page too – link is to the right of this post)
I’m also pleased at having found so many more pages I like on there – I know not all of you understand Italian, so they’ll be of little or no relevance to you – and many of them write some of the most beautiful, well constructed, expressive prose and poetry you can find from a non-paid writer. To be honest, some of the stuff might even be better than what you find by famous authors!

Apart from this, the rest of my time has been spent in activities that don’t revolve around creating a new relationship or fling. I sometimes go out with friends – just the usual lot in Italy but they are bags of fun! I get to talk to people, I can finally rediscover my inner-self, go to Shiatsu sessions, meditate and read books. Oh sure, I think about getting back on the “dating scene” and find myself someone new, but I’m just not that bothered at the minute. I mean what am I really looking for here in Italy? A fling? A one-night stand? A bed buddy? No thanks. It sounds like a lot of fuss and hassle for nothing. A long-distance relationship? I’ve just come out of one of them – do I look that daft?! Of course there are positive and negative effects to consider for everything, but quite honestly I think I’ll wait until I get back to University. I can quite easily choose what I’m going to do there, and have the comfort of knowing that it’s all done face-to-face, up close and personally, with all the touchy/feely/sexy bits that come with a relationship. Long-term, short-term…who knows…It’s time I lived my life like a “normal” 21 year old Physics Student.

That’ll do for now…

Bright Blessings!

PW )O(

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