Being a Busy Bee

Uni started again – obviously.
So did the work load, just on a different scale.

This is my final year at university as an undergraduate. I’ve enjoyed my time here quite a lot aside from my past troubles (see previous posts). I must admit that so far this year is shaping into quite a challenging one in its own right. At the end of last year I decided to cram as much stuff into this year as possible because I could seeing as I was on a 4 year Master’s degree. I’m now on the 3 year Bachelor’s and I’ve got my work cut out:

  • A BSc project: plenty of coding and writing, meetings, group discussions, stressing and scratching of heads as well as the “what do I do now?” issues that come with doing things as almost-free study (only limited by the 3-4 month schedule we have to finish it in).
  • A Formula Student Team: more coding, writing, meetings, discussions, stressing, organising and – for a change – bossing people around! Well, not so much “bossing” as leading the Marketing and Web group within the team, finding sponsors, organising interviews, advertising, promotion work, etc. I needed a business and Web programming degree to do this, not Physics!
  • Course Representing: meeting with the other reps for my year, going to meetings, getting other students on the course to give feedback, organising meetings with members of staff if we need an issue resolved here and now.
  • A Capoeira Club: organising social events, going to training sessions, maybe even planning a few sessions.

What’s the common denominator? Organisation. Something which, in general, I lack in my own life. I can usually organise others lives quite well, but my own is a mess!

Let’s put this into perspective.  I’ve got HUGE projects happening in my life that are going more or less fluidly, yet I can’t even get my head together to ask someone out. Is this even possible? Should I even be bothered about actively looking for a hook-up? How soon should I but theory into practice?

Ah hell, this isn’t even important. My love-life seems to be taking a break from me. My unwarranted “womaniser” status has gone down the drain. Although, to be frank, I think it went a long while ago!

Autumn Winding Brook

All this aside, it’s almost Samhain again. That means little or nothing to many of you, but to me it means a year since I actually consecrated myself to my Goddess and asked for Her guidance. It’s about time I

planned and performed another ritual. She really has helped me this last year and I’m really grateful to Her and my spirit guide. They’ve guided me to the right people who could be of help on this plane of existence while they could help me on the spiritual plane I meet them on.

Apart from my reasons for giving importance to this time of the year, Samhain is also known as the witch’s new year. It’s a time of death in the world as the trees shed their leaves, the last harvests of the year are brought in and the cold sets in. We cherish the warm fires in our homes (if we have fireplaces or stoves) and bask in the glow of their embers. Yet, we

know it’s all part of the eternal cycle of Life and renewal of the world. The Holy King comes forth and will prepare the way for new life in the spring.

Blessed Be All! Love and Light in your Lives!


PW )O(

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