The light fades away. I close my eyes to protect them one last time and it is gone. Obsidian darkness draws in faster until I don’t want to keep my eyes open any longer. I wish I could just leave them closed forever. Nothing is worth seeing now. Gouge my eyes out and hope they fall quickly. That past light was all I needed, but now it has left the world sight is no longer important.

I feel my way from the cold, wet stones to the jagged tarmac realising that in the dark everything has the same colour but different textures. A different sensation, if only it meant something against the stark pain of my orbits.

Never again will I lay my eyes on such beauty. Never again will I feel something so plain and gentle. Pierce my eardrums if a sound brings me back to here and now. This is my past. A troubled one that needs avoiding at all costs.

It won’t happen again. I give you my word – my last one. There will be no turning back, not from here, not anymore. It’s too late.

Yet, there it is. That memory. A smell. Yours. There’s no way to forget it. You can forget to walk but you can’t forget a smell once you know it. There’s no solution…oh, but there is.
I won’t return…

…And wake.

A dream for the blind by Aegis Strife
A dream for the blind by Aegis Strife

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