Expanding My Views, Increasing My Knowledge and Awareness

So today I decided I wanted to do NOTHING again. I’m supposed to be studying again, ready for my Summertime Exam re-sits. I’m expecting to retake 4 exams: Classical Mechanics, Quantum Physics, Wave Physics and Quantum Physics of Matter – not just your everyday, run-of-the-mill physics…because I’m cool like that!

So anyway, I decided I was going to trawl (not troll) the Internet for interesting content. Lo and behold, I found something (more than one actually) that caught my eye.
It’s one of the many Pagan blogs on the Internet, but it’s the content and the parent website that I found interesting mostly. The content I’m still exploring as it really does try to keep an even balance between all Pagan and Neo-pagan faiths, but the parent website Patheos is what I was originally linked to on the old Facebook.
One of the Jesuit priests I’ve met over the years at one of their schools published a link to an Atheist blog on the site (which tries to create dialogue between religions of the world) where the author wrote about her conversion to some form of Christianity as she found herself believing in Morality as an entity and no longer as a platonic ideal – therefore moving her blog to the Christian section.

So, back to my original programming, I searched a bit and found the blog I’ve linked to already. It’s a great source of information for all aspects of paganism, pagans as individuals and as groups, pagan news and how we fit in to what’s happening in the world and what we can do.
Needless to say I’ve bookmarked it and will be returning when I find updates from The Wild Hunt’s Twitter feed.

The other interesting thing I found, which I wasn’t originally wasn’t going to write about but decided would make a light-hearted end to this post, is a series on YouTube on How to Make a Jointed Teddy Bear!

This is the first of 14 parts, but I just found the whole thing a worthwhile find, although I’m not keen on the use of fur for ANYTHING. The basic technique still applies on synthetic furs too though. It’s also worth pointing out that the quality and good condition the fur was in shows that this lady cares and respects the animal it was taken from in some way, even though she may not be aware of it herself.

I guess that’s it for today.

I may well post again this week as it’s the Summer Solstice between the 21st and 24th (variable dates to allow for discrepancies in daylight duration and when the vast majority will celebrate).

Blessings to all, pagan and non!

PW )O(

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