Friendship and getting things off your chest

It’s amazing how much someone can depend on sharing problems and talking when they’ve been involved in a relationship for a long time.

I’ve been in one for over 2 years and hearing that someone upset my partner and that she didn’t tell me through fear that it would hurt me as well as her really upset me last night.


But I woke up fine this morning…I thought.

Maybe it’s just a bad day, a day when the energy of the Earth is off balance or something like that, but by mid-morning I was in need of an intravenous endorphin drip – and that made me think…


Relationships are a lot like friendships, except for spending more time together as a couple (granted this isn’t always possible in a long-distance relationship).

Friends have a habit of looking out for each other, get along well, can occasionally fall out but can also sort out their differences for the better. Friends are there if you need to talk. They’re there if you need cheering up. Sometimes things don’t go well and all you want to see is a friendly face. Other times all you want to do is have your mind taken off your problems…

I’m just glad that the few people I really can call friends are amazing. I’m selective about who to call “friend”. I’ve been lonely most of my life and been disappointed more times than I care to remember…

All I’ve wanted to do is help people – their problems have always come before my own.

And so here I am, writing a blog, getting things off my chest so that anyone interested can read what I can’t seem to be able to say in person. Maybe it’s why I’ve become someone with such variable emotions…

Here I feel I can write anything I want where people can either judge me or help me out, slag me off or share their own thoughts and experiences. I look forward to reading a few comments. Comments from others really make a blog worthwhile.

Anyhow, here I am.

So sue me for wanting to be a friend you can rely on.

Until next time!

PW )O(

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3 thoughts on “Friendship and getting things off your chest

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  2. “I’m just glad that the few people I really can call friends are amazing. I’m selective about who to call “friend”. I’ve been lonely most of my life and been disappointed more times than I care to remember…”

    I’m there with you on that note. It also has made me afraid sometimes of losing those I DO call friend or family, because I’ve often struggled to be true to myself throughout a good portion of my younger life. That and when I was younger I was not always surrounded by the best of people. I hope that you are surrounded by better people now. I know it hurts to know sometimes when people quite possibly lie to us or are afraid to express themselves honestly to us – but we can’t fault them for it. We just have to be patient and let them open up to us in their own time. Sometimes we can pick up when they are hiding things and we can try to carefully ASK about it, but we don’t want to push them either. Forgetting our past and what has happened to us in the past can be difficult and like the old addage goes, “Old habits – die hard”.
    If you can find it in your heart forgive them, show them understanding, love, compassion, and acceptance if possible. No one likes to feel rejected. They like to know – someone is in their corner. It will also strengthen their faith in themselves and trust and faith in you as well.

    Just some thoughts and a take it or leave it kind of deal. 🙂

  3. PW )O( on said:

    Thank you! =) I feel surrounded by good people, but I can’t really say I’ve been a good friend to them as of late. Since moving away I always say “I’ll come see you” and yet I never do. Those who do see me, can only do so once every blue moon…I hope they forgive me and still accept me next time I’m with them…

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