Guest Meandering #1: Pondering Upon a Poisonous Prince

This is the fist time I write on this blog and I’m afraid this is not the best way to introduce myself, but I surely need to deal with this topic right now.
My main character. My baby, my son.

I won’t say his name, the name I’ve chosen to represent his presence, his mind, his soul.
Why did I choose a young man? This is a strange question. I’ve always asked myself why my main character is the male young nobleman who carries the heavy burden of the Harbinger.
Why not a lady? The truth is I don’t know. He was born by himself. No one inspired me, no one looks like him (well, at least not on purpose).I should think he’s the man who lies inside me, but he’s not.

One thing is certain: I’ll change a lot of things, probably. My world isn’t perfect and it will never be. He’s not perfect too, you know, but this is what makes him perfect; this is what it makes him real. I won’t change him. I won’t change anything about him and I need to write more. He needs to live. He needs to prevail.

Sidhiel The Bard <3

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