Is that all there is?

I know you’re there. Looking blankly at this screen.

What were you doing just a moment ago? Looking at Facebook?

Have you ever thought about the fact you spend more time on there than you do with real people?

A Question of Perspective

So you think it means you have a social life? What’s social about typing words on a screen that a friend sees through a website that does nothing to help you socialise? All you do is look at what others write and comment or occasionally you write something yourself in the hope someone “out there” replies.


Go outside. Walk. Text someone. Call someone – even better. Facebook will still be there. So will this post.

When was the last time you called a friend? Do you remember the thrill of talking to someone who isn’t physically around you? Do you remember the last time you asked them verbally how they felt or if they were free to go out for a drink or to see places? When was the last time you heard their voice instead of reading their written words in their voice?

You have nothing. No social life. Not until you turn off Facebook and go out with friends. That’s all it takes.


Light and Love,

PW )O(

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