I Just Can’t Sit Still

It seems I’m unable to stay put in one place for too long right now.
I’m back to wanting that freedom that only a modern-day nomad-like life can give.


Like a Butterfly by Phoenix Wyllow

I constantly travel between two places. Both can be called home, both mean little or nothing. Soon this may become three places. Either that or one of the two current destinations will change to suit my needs. I want to see places I’ve never been to see. I want to live in another city. I want to experience life as I haven’t in these last few years. I want to meet new people and understand their way of life.

At least I’ll be doing something along these lines over the coming month. Visiting a friend in a city as foreign to me as any language I’ve never studied will be the first event. Next up will be a TEDx event which is guaranteed to be interesting. All of this will be done on my own terms. I’ll be travelling alone and under my own steam. This will be a great opportunity to stretch my wings and see what I can do alone.

In the meantime, if you’re open to receiving, I’m sending Reiki to you (yes, you reading this), reinvigorating your will to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. It’s a time of change. Use this blessing well.

Light and Love on your Journey.

PW )O(

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