Looking to the future

I realised it’s about time I looked ahead for once, time I cared about my own future and not some collective future. Selfish? Maybe, but I have to make sure I have a career don’t I?!

guardando il passato

So here I am, in my final year as an undergraduate. Three years pass so quickly when you have this much fun! I just need to get myself sorted out properly and knuckle down so I get at least a 2:1 as a final degree. I’d prefer a First, but my mark from last year won’t really allow that to happen.

I’ve started sending out requests for information from potential Universities with regards to their Astrophysics-related Masters’ degree courses. Exciting times ahead! So far no reply, but I did send messages out on Friday afternoon/evening and I doubt the relevant people have looked at emails over the weekend. Still, here’s hoping for the best!

How about I share some of the places I’m considering:
After a quick search online (It’s not hard. There are plenty of websites there to help!)  I narrowed my choices to 5: Ferrara (Italy), Royal Holloway (London), Queen Mary (London), Glasgow and Helsinki. Glasgow and Helsinki are my top choices but I suppose there’s plenty of competition to get into there. Ferrara is my final backup plan – my “Plan triple-Z” if you will. Italy is going to the dogs and to the super-capitalists who truly run the world. University of London colleges are my next choices as these seem great. I would have considered UCL, but their website is unfathomable!!! Honestly UCL, sort yourselves out!! I’d love to stay at Southampton but that’s not going to happen seeing as the University doesn’t do a separate Masters’ in Physics, just the integrated degree.

I’ll update more as news filters in, but here’s hoping for Glasgow or Helsinki!!!

Bright Blessings,

PW )O(


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