Love Craze

copyright Victoria Frances 2004
“El Beso de Favole” – Victoria Frances copyright 2004

My back against the wall

I’m all alone in the hall.

Really wish yesterday

Would just all go away.

I want you back in my life.

I want you back here tonight

I don’t know how to say,

Or maybe today’s not the day,

Once more, let me hold you.

Tonight I need to see you.

I can’t live without you girl.

I’m going crazy; I’ll unfurl.

Where did we go all wrong?

You were the beauty in my soul.

I can’t let myself speak,

But now now my body’s getting weak.

My heart has never given up.

My love for you is again on the up.

Give me a reason why we can’t be.

If it’s good, I’ll leave it be.

We know the feelings are mutual.

Our lips together: it’s so natural.

Yea, so I kinda decided to write a song out of my latest poetic inspiration. It’s quite rhythmic I find.
As usual, comments below.

PW )O(

PS. I used to be able to draw as well as Victoria Frances…I just stopped…all because I was refused at Graphic Arts on grounds that my work was more Fine art than Graphic art and that I had no experience doing art projects at academic level. That hit me rather hard. I’m only just starting to write poetry and draw things again now.

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