The Onset of 2014

This is the time of the year when people typically start making resolutions for the New Year, like “go to the gym” or “eat more healthy food”. I prefer looking back and seeing where I went wrong. I hate empty promises that I know are going to be broken as soon as they’ve be said or are pointless in the first place. I’ve tried the gym: it’s not what I do. I’ve tried eating healthily: I realised I do that anyway.

I can say where I think I went wrong this year and resolve to do better.

I’ve been terrible at falling in love. I’ve missed chances and I’ve been terrible at timing other opportunities. I can’t resolve to fall in love in 2014, but I can be better, I can try to analyse the situation better and not leave it until I’m sure of my feelings before approaching the other person. I’m great at flirting to the point I actually have to try harder to stop myself, but I worry too much about what could happen if I follow through.I’ve had a really bad year for reading. Only one author has kept my interest this year: Yasmine Galenorn. I do endeavour to read more and study more at the expense of my computer use and gaming habits. There really is so much more I could do with my life.

I do need to meditate more. I’ve become a Reiki practitioner this year and it really does help to focus my energies on the most peaceful activities and on healing myself and others. Apparently I’m also one the few who does Tibetan Reiki in my hometown in Italy so it’s definitely worth nurturing and practising – not as if it’s going to disappear from one day to the next, but it does mean it come easily rather than requiring more time for me to focus.
I also need to get out and photograph more. Regardless of fame, it’s a great thing that I enjoy doing. I upload some of my best stuff on my DeviantArt gallery.

My one long-term project which I want to start in 2014: get my own place. I’ve realised that rather than a car I can run around in on my own, I need my own space. Families are great, but they will always treat you like the kid you were. There’s a stage in life when you mature enough to want to live your own life. It’s usually when you go to university and you become fully able to rely on your own abilities and you know what to shop for, when to shop, how to buy, how to make sure you have enough money…
Yes, I’ve reached the stage that it’s getting stressful staying with my parents. I’ve had enough. The nomad in me wants a new adventure.

Here’s to 2014. May it bring everyone much joy and more pleasant experiences than 2013 did.
Blessings on your ongoing journey!
Light and Love,

PW )O(

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