Personal Meandering: Morning Thunder

I was woken this morning by a series of strong thunderclaps, the subsequent rain, and – as the storm moved – eventually even the sight of lightning bolts clearly visible from the window. My girlfriend gets woken up by one of the last crashes of Thor’s hammer and sits almost bolt upright. She had somehow managed to sleep through the whole ordeal up until then, and soon after returned to her dreamworld leaving me alone again this side of Hypnos’ gates.

As the sky clears now, and the coffee in my cup dwindles, I wonder how a short story that came to mind one evening suddenly took a turn and became a blog fiction series. Maybe it was that same cool air that came after the rain. Maybe it was the crispness that hit my nostrils at every breath. Maybe it was the scent of the damp earth. Maybe it was the rush of car tyres pulling up spray from the road outside. It had only been a coincidence that two characters born from my imagination had decided that they had too much to do for one entry.

Yet, none of it seems to work now. I’m trying to find where I had originally intended for them to go. Was the coincidence in their meeting? Was it in how they came close? Was it merely because in some way I could project my subconscious meeting with myself into a fictional situation? The path is open, yet I seem to be walking just at the edge with no torch to help me see the way.

The Path by mini---MIR
The Path by mini—MIR

I may have even grown to hate the two characters. I hadn’t considered that until this morning. I don’t think I have and I don’t think I will. The story just seems to be a little static – like me. And now that I’ve accepted this, whether it’s true or not, maybe I know how to move the story along. Mine with it.

There are a few changes coming to my life this year. Some I may even write about in another personal meandering.

Light and Love!
PW )O(

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