Random post about random chats.

The other day I started chatting about random things with colleagues and friends. You know, the usual, gossiping about other people and saying the most “awkward” things (where awkward is meant to be along the lines of taboo things like sex, promiscuity, fantasies…etc).

So we ended up chatting about someone know to a few of the group and this person having anal, which apparently was given/receive so hard that it split the walls of the person’s rear end. Ouch, right? Well we were just casually chatting about it! As you do…

The conversation then went on to our ideas and attitudes towards anal sex. Would we say yes, or did it seem repulsive?
we’re a mixed bunch: guy and gals, sexually open and not, available and taken… The general consensus was that guys were more open to it, but probably wouldn’t do it, and girls weren’t at all keen on it, up to the point that they were worried the same problems as the person we talked about would happen to them.

Fair enough I suppose. It’s not for everyone. It’s a very delicate part of the body and if done wrong can result in complications. Saying that, if done carefully and listening to each other it can be quite pleasurable since the muscles along the cavity are able to contract rhythmically just as well as the vagina.

But what are your opinions?

Would you? or are you be so disgusted by the thought that you would walk away from the bedroom/couch? Leave a comment if you want to share your own ideas. Further discussions are possible.

PW )O(

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