So you’ve heard the news about David Cameron…

How about that, eh? We’ve pretty much come full circle with the paedophile issue now. Child molestation, paedophilia, gays being targeted through a misconception that they’re paedophiles, child porn, priests, Jimmy Savile and now the fear of a return to the gay witch-hunt. All brought about because of David Cameron saying what in his mind was the right thing but ending up with having it blown out of proportion: “There is a danger, if we’re not careful, that this can turn into a sort of witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay.”

Honestly I don’t think he meant any harm to the gay community with his comment. He was on the spot on live TV and, unless you’re someone incredibly gifted with words and finding the right ones to get exactly your meaning across first time round, your comments will be criticised as people interpret them wrongly.

My meaning to his words would be more along the lines of: “We’re treading in dangerous waters here. If names of people presumed to be paedophiles are available online, this could lead to vigilantes taking the law onto themselves and go after these people. This could in turn lead to a return to the misconception that gays are paedophiles, which is not what we want.”
As he also rightfully added (and is rarely quoted for saying), the police exist for this very purpose – so citizens can go to them with possible suspects who will then be investigated by competent people, not by “Matey-Boy Chavy” who can barely understand the fact that he breathes air and can’t believe that The Only Way Is Essex is actually scripted. (I know, that one’s a shocker isn’t it?)

Moral of the story is, if you take sentences out of context all hell breaks loose. That’s what the mass-media thrives on.

Enough of my ranting, what do you think?

Light and Love!

PW )O(

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