The Coincidence – Part VI: The Dream

Confused shapes everywhere. A vortex of waving, swirling colours.
Was that an elephant?

blackness. empty- who knew? where…………..answers unclear.

A sudden clearing. What was going on? was there anyone there? No – nothing. Trees. Squirrel. Was there any noise? It seemed like it.
Tunnelling towards the space before him, he seemed to travel faster than he would have liked. Should he feel secure? He wasn’t even sure how he got here. This seemed so familiar, yet utterly alien. Where were the buildings? Could he be so far… – no. Peter?

Eyes from the leaves. Redness. Evil? Senses firing like a hare’s. Danger? Frozen in place. More eyes? No. How many? Two. Was this it? Moments turned to eternity and nothing moved. Air still yet no breathing was necessary. Suffocating.

We Run Out of Colours (eye) by ilinea (on DeviantArt)

Eyes blinked. Peter was here. The eyes were gone, yet Peter was not as he should have been. “What were you showing me?” he asked. Mute, yet answering, “Right here. It was all right here.”

Turning. Emptiness. Movement. Travelling but not really moving. Peter was next to him. “I’m here to help.”
“Peter, I’m not here to be helped. You asked me for help.” He seemed to be so different.
“I did, but you need it. We’re going in circles.”

Back to the clearing. Turning back. “It was all here, Peter. I was there…”


Sitting upright, Giles scanned his surroundings. It was dark. No-one would fetch him now. The wardens were elsewhere in the evenings. Where was Peter? The air was damp again. Dew had formed on the grass around him and it seemed as if it was going to rain as it had this morning. Suddenly worried, Giles glanced at his watch. He got up seeing it was late. Habits were hard to break and Giles’ was to sleep early and get up early. Work wouldn’t be until the next day, but it was going to be hard to keep a rhythm as he had promised himself.

“Giles!” A voice from nowhere. Loud, yet whispered. He was frozen stiff.
“Peter? Is that you?”
“Yes, sorry for frightening you…and for leaving you like that.”
“Well…everyone has some sort of reason,” Giles was getting annoyed. “Look, come out will you? I was planning on going back. I can’t stick around much longer.”
“I can’t. I’m…I’m not sure anyone should see me right now.”
“Nonsense! Out with you. What’s the matter? I’d rather you came out here than I went in there.”

A face from the bushes. An animal? It came closer. The face itself now seemed to move. “I’d rather not.”
“Peter? Come out, damn you. I’m not sure what’s happening here.”

Peter moved out. The face that Giles could see moved. Tunnel-vision set in and Giles fell to the ground.

End of Part 6.

PW )O(

PS. Sorry for the long break, folks. Studies and whatnot have been pretty bad recently. Hoping to get a more regular schedule going again now.

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