The Harbinger of Freedom by Freddie A. Clark – A short, honest review

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I recently read this book – The Harbinger of Freedom by Freddie A. Clark, if you hadn’t guessed already – and decided that, for once, I would write a short review on Goodreads. This is entirely my opinion and I wasn’t asked to write such a favourable review. Even writing this post was my idea and expresses my thoughts on this book.

Freddie is an indie author who has impressed me immensely with her debut novel. It’s a gripping, gritty, sci-fi, dark, cyberpunkish adult fantasy. How many authors can claim this level of complexity???
I’m usually very critical of the books I read and dislike giving my opinions because I fear that my criticisms may be disproportionate and unfair in regards to the author’s hard work. Just because I’m having a bad day doesn’t mean I need to vent on someone else’s work. This book, however, is incredibly good and I enjoyed it immensely!

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“We are the fire that will burn the black feathers!”

The Harbinger of Freedom by Freddie A. Clark

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The Harbinger of Freedom (The Falling Feathers Series, #1)The Harbinger of Freedom by Freddie A. Clark
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such a rich original world! Detailed descriptions wherever the story goes: from the cityscapes to the sumptuous clothes; characters that feel alive with emotion and purpose, driven by their hopes and fears.
There are no cheap, useless, clickbait-worthy rape scenes in the narration, nothing to spoil a story- and character-driven adult narrative.
There are critiques of our world, some obvious, others not so much. Society as narrated in this book is far from perfect. Great institutionalised evils and grey-morality are rife at every turn.

Each part brought new characters to life in my mind’s eye and old favourites were often replaced as the story went on and new aspects of their personalities were presented, much like how I would perceive real-life friends and acquaintances and form newer opinions based on their words and actions.

It’s dark, gritty and at times brings complexity that cannot be taken at face value. Each scene has impact and even simple gestures can have layers of meaning and consequences within the world.

This is NOT a young-adult fantasy by any means and is by far one of the most interesting and captivating stories I’ve read in years! Yes, it’s a big book, but I can safely say I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much in a shorter, more watered-down form.

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