The Next Day (Poetry)

We stayed out last night.
We made the early hours
And talked of old times and new.
Our minds did wander.
We were such a sight,
The time spent was all ours.
Though we could enjoy the view,
Our minds did ponder.
Thoughts were entertained
And a partnership was made.
Our feelings could not be feigned.
We lay in the shade.

Entwined by body,
Outstretched arms like vines.
We melted into a passion
So true none may break.
Both mind and body,
as your nails scratched their red lines,
Raged and cooed: lust-filled session
Releasing the ache.
Endlessly combined,
In a bed, lying awake.
Into your eyes I divined
This love was not fake.

My naked body
And my naked soul:
No more just anybody.
Together we’re whole.
Beside me you lie;
Before now I had no goal.
Now I can do more than try.
You have made me whole.

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