The Walking Traveller

He’s looking around, not quite sure if he’s searching or observing.

He’s walking around his town, never certain if he’s wandering aimlessly or if he has a destination. He doesn’t even know if this will be the last time he sees these sights. Songs run through his head. He knows the lyrics, and the melodies so well he may as well have written the songs himself.

Alas, he keeps walking, thinking, asking himself questions he’s not sure about finding the answers to. He’s not worried about what lies ahead because he knows the path he’s walked up until now will help him through the toughest times he may yet face.

Each step defines his life and each new smell, sight or sensation gives him a snapshot by which to remember the moment and at a later date savour those same sensations all over again.

He has a home to go to, more than one in fact, but he feels his place is in the world, with friends and others who he feels able to share his life with. He’s busy, but always available; stressed, yet always smiling. He walks quickly but knows what it means to stop and see all there is to see.

He thinks a lot although he talks slowly so he can convey the full meaning behind his words. He lives life to the fullest, but always with the responsibilities he takes upon himself. One close call too many made him look deeper within his heart and find the strength to pull away from his dark past just as it was about to return to plaguing his life. His hair bears the greyed mark of this quasi-ending to the journey called life. It is like a battle scar for him – a battle for his own preservation in life which he came out of victorious. A bittersweet victory, but one that changed him on a far deeper level than he could have imagined.

He made himself and he is the maker of his own destiny, regardless of what anyone else may tell him. He is a traveller, an explorer and he treasures memories more than money or material worth. He finds more beauty in nature and the deep wrinkles on a person’s face than in the greatest, most expensive Renaissance paintings.

He journeys through life like a river flows through a valley, never stopping, always flowing, following the bends and currents, seldom separate from everything surrounding him, from source to estuary, out to the deepest oceans, maybe returning to a new source when the climate is favourable.

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