Turn around?

A bit of a cryptic title, I know.

I was just wondering how to classify a change for the better in my life as opposed to something just going right.

My computer died the other week. I played with it too much and messed up the boot labels. I was so fed up, you may remember the previous post. (No? You can always look back at it if you want.)

Just recently I’ve started chatting to someone who works within my Uni, when I have a minute and she’s up for a quick chat, and she puts me in a right cheerful mood! (Thanks Sanja!)

Just the other day I had a right awful day – car had to be jump started, forgot my phone in plain sight in my car, couldn’t get any studying done – so I just stopped, decided I needed some time to chill and meditate and only then would I go home. Went up to see her and ask if there was a room where I could do just that.
Honestly, I do find that it’s the small things that make me feel better. She asked what was up and gave me a few bits of advice after I finished talking to my spirit guide.

Something seems to be going right again at least. Work is still a right bugger, but at east other things seem to be going right in some way, shape or form.

Now I just wish I had a e few hundred thousand more hair follicles successfully producing hair on my head.

I guess some things you just can’t solve like that.

PW )O(

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