When the World Ends

As the climate goes though new extremes, and weather patterns change dramatically from searing heat one day to tragic floods the next, what will be left?
What will become of us? Are we fated to cause our own demise through collective ignorance or will we come together at the last second and soar to new heights to escape our woeful destiny?

The darkest clouds hold steady over our heads and yet we do nothing. We freely pass blame to others while each of us in turn refuses to accept that change truly starts with an individual choice. It seems obvious to me, but the Earth is in a sorry state. The changes proposed have been too few. The time-frames in which to make changes, too long. We’ve gone from 10 years to make amends, to a mere 18 months. It’s beyond worrying.

It’s not that I fear our survival as a species, but what will our future look like? With the current “holier than thou” attitude that surrounds us, how can we improve? We are selfish creatures and the concept of community we use is broken. Religious dogma has destroyed us over time while giving us nothing back. We’ve abandoned the idea of community, first to save ourselves from damnation, now to gain from the damnation of others. We can only blame ourselves for this hellscape.

Dubai, re-imagined as a ruin, torn by heat, storms and tornados.
Dubai Ruins 2 by JonasDeRo on DeviantArt

While I sit and meditate, I force my mind to push aside my worries. Not because I don’t care, but because every day I find it harder to find a calm place to start from. I’ve not worried about my destiny or my death since fully embracing paganism. I worry how any of us could truly survive without losing some part of who we are. I worry that without objectives, we are lost.

Nature has its own rules that go beyond us. We either allow ourselves to be tamed back by nature or we fail as a species. We cannot tame Nature. The Wild Mother will not lose her identity. We, on the other hand, stand to lose everything.

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