Writer’s Block

I seem to be stuck for things to say at the minute. I’m actually turning back to my Italian blog at the minute because inspiration is coming to me in Italian language. I’ve written a few things in the last couple of days and if you’re interested please go to this link. The style of the blog is much as this one used to be under Waning Moon – needless to say it was it’s English counterpart in both idea and style, though the content has always been kept completely separate.

If anyone wants me to start putting things from there onto here please let me know. It’ll be an interesting exercise in translation and transliteration which I don’t often do despite being completely bilingual.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies for lack of content. I’m trying to figure out where to go from where I am in my life now that I’m fully identifying with who and what I am: single, stressed, sex-deprived, artist, physicist, technician, student, bilingual, bicultural, bisexual, wiccan, wistful, wandering and wondering.

I guess that will be all for today…

Light and Love,

PW )O(

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