A Change: Luna Visions

For those who follow my blog via Facebook, this may not be such big news, although I did only give you a taste of things to come. So here’s what’s happening.

Maybe – soon – I’ll re-envision the blog.

For me at least this is quite big news. “Waning Moon” has served me well for many years as a symbol of the end of things as they are, the end of a peak, a decay into darkness. I used this name on Windows Live Spaces while it was still alive. I had a second blog on there too, Waning Moon’s Italian counterpart called Luna Calante, which saw more meaningful posts and started me off blogging 6 years ago. I then transferred the Italian blog to Blogger and let the English one die. I created a new English “Waning Moon” on there a few years ago but soon moved it here to what you see now.

copyright Luna Visions 2013

It occurred to me the other day that I no longer envision this as a Relapse into the depression I had as a teenager. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I’m no longer the moaning teenager I was. I may not be a perfectly happy person, but I’ve learnt to express myself and not withdraw into my shell so much. Those of you who’ve joined the blog recently are seeing those changes in earnest now.

While I’m always treading the fine line between dark and light, with the light at my back, I have also realised that maybe the darkness within me is my most productive side. In this realisation I’ve also noticed that the Moon has always shown me the right amount of light I’ve needed to stay sane. This is not an end to anything. This is a change. It’s a new way of seeing things. The Moon shows me the way and inspires me – after all, my best work is done nearer midnight.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the Moon is the light by which my soul observes the world. A the same time, the light shines through my eyes and brightens my darkest moments. It’s a new Vision, one guided my moonlight – a precious, gentle light that shows the subtleties of the world in shades rather than the harsh light of the Sun which shows the world in brightness or shadow.

In a play on words, it’s a new Luna (lunar) Vision.

Light, Love and Blessings, always.

PW )O(

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