A Previous Incarnation: Why “The Relapse”?


I’m a blogger and have been for a while. I started when Spaces first came out on Hotmail.

I was depressed at the time, with no one to talk to and I felt better when I wrote about whatever came into my head. I gradually let that blog die when I moved to Italy. I found people willing to chat who were friendly and available, not to say that people I knew in England weren’t, but I felt better with the new people I met. I started a new blog in Italian, it was no longer “tales of the manic depressive” but “tales with no logical flow” – same basic idea, different flavour, less depression. Then Windows Live Spaces was killed. I moved my Italian blog to Blogger and left my English blog to die a graceful cybernetic death.

That brings me to here and now.

Back in England, university student, second year of 4 doing Physics with Astronomy. I love the taste of black coffee and the smell of freshly brewed tea (with no milk, sugar or lemon juice). I’m a scientist and an artist. I’m a Wiccan/Pagan/Neo-pagan/Shamanic Witch (brought up to be a Catholic in a Catholic family verging on brainwashed, who would not approve of my choice) who’s been half-heartedly studying witchcraft and shamanism for 4 years and has only just started performing rituals (everybody works to they’re own timescale). I, like the rest of my family, have slight OCD (i.e. I’m a perfectionist and won’t stop doing something until I’m satisfied, and even then I might go back to it later).

And yes, I’m depressed again, hence “The Relapse”.

Just to set the scene, here’s System of a Down – Lonely Day. Personally I’d change the last line of the song to: “It’s a day I’ve not yet survived”.

Leave comments, just to say you’ve been here and what you think of my posts.

PW  )O(

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