Cathartic Climes

Storm winds blow,
Light wavers,
Clouds loom above,
Electric stars burn.
At the brink of destruction,
A pale glow is the only hope.

Peace at Dusk by PhoenixWyllow (me) on DeviantArt
Peace at Dusk by PhoenixWyllow (me) on DeviantArt

The calm beckons,
A blaze lights up.
The dark mysteries,
Solved in an instant,
Retreat to the surrounding depths;
The etched image held for a moment.

Needles crash down
In wet brilliance.
A thousand shards
Caught in a torrent.
In a world of rigor and order I stand,
A silent observer of cathartic chaos.

The time flows,
Spirits are still.
Until the balance is restored,
And my soul may soar again.

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