End of the Road

Failure. It’s a tough teacher. Possibly the hardest you’ll ever come across.

And in my life, this teacher has always worn the perfume Doom.

There’s an incredible sense of “exactness” when Failure is in town. You know that it’s never good news.


So here I am. Rethinking my whole life: My choices, my dreams, my ideas, my ideals…and here she is. Failure.

There’s really nothing more to it. Nothing to say, nothing to do, nothing left. End of the road, sonny Jim.

So what next? Carry on? Change direction? How do I know which road will delay my next meeting with Failure? How can I decide knowing that regardless, I will fail?

And there it is. Don’t choose. Don’t exist. You can’t accomplish anything more, but you certainly can’t do worse. Game Over.

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