If I like I do it

“I’m still grooving
and if I like it I just do it.”

Bear with me on this. There’s a reason for everything, albeit sometimes there’s less reason for some posts compared to others.

If I ever get asked if there’s one thing that my dad (or any member of my family) always said to me that I’ve always tried to follow as a way of life I would have to answer that its to not do anything I don’t like or enjoy. I don’t play video games if I’m not in the mood, I don’t blog unless I want to say something, I don’t draw unless I’m inspired, I don’t study unless I feel up to it (or I absolutely have to) and I certainly didn’t decide to study Physics and Astronomy because I thought it would be a fast-track degree to a highly paid job!

I just wish I’d met more people in over 20 years who are as liberal as I am. I don’t follow an “accepted” religion just because I don’t want to be looked at like some freak. I don’t make my sexual preferences conform just because someone says it’s wrong any other way. I don’t listen to pop music or hardcore dance just because it’s “à la mode” right now.
I prefer my beautifully created playlists with Jamiroquai, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Hugh Laurie, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Cranberries, reggae,  all sorts of heavy/death/black/symphonic/operatic metal and underground rock – why? Because I LIKE IT!
I like to keep my sexuality as open as I feel on any given day. Just like my future relationships. (More on this later.)
I’m Wiccan because it makes sense to me, not because I feel pressured or I want to fit in. Wicca has never really been accepted in society except by those who know someone who is and honestly looked around and realised that someone doesn’t become different because of their religion.

Yet I’m still here, doing what I do best: being me. The “depressed” me, the “happy” me, the “student” me, the “lazy arse” me, the “keep everything perfectly organised” me, the “let entropy maximise itself and don’t bother tidying” me, the “do I look as if I care?” me, the “live and let live” me, the “live and let die” me, the “not really paying attention to everything you said” me, the “don’t let anything or anyone get in your way” me, the “don’t get angry, live peacefully” me.

I dance if I want, I sing if I want and I still make mistakes because I want to do something MY WAY, but I still find a way of doing things and it usually turns out okay. I’ve never given up on my principle of doing what I like because I enjoy it.

My current relationship status: always going back to square one. I know I’ve made a mistake here. I’m back with the girl I was with before. We’ll see how long it lasts, although if dreams have anything to say about how things should be then I should be in a relationship with another girl and not her. I’m not sure I can explain this quickly and make sense so I’ll keep it to the essentials: back with my ex, ever since then I’ve not dreamt of her but another girl I know in real life and I think is single who seems more my type. Still, I’ll let things play out the way they’re meant to and not force things.

In the mean time I’ll stay true to myself. As should you.

Brightest Blessings,

PW )O(

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