This night will be the stuff of tales to come! or just a blog entry. aka: Prelude to Coming out of the Broom Closet

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Well…this was last night.

I was on Skype to my partner. We haven’t been having the best time recently and have had more arguments than cheerful conversations. Who knows what’s happened to us…

Maybe we’ve just stopped talking, maybe it’s because we live about 1150 miles away from each other, maybe it’s down to us going out more, maybe…maybe…maybe… (too many reasons)

*takes sip of some AWFUL tasting instant coffee…YUCK*

So we had another argument. I was due out within the hour to meet up with a friend and my partner was giving me grief. Cutting a long story a little bit shorter, we made up (again) and said there wasn’t any need for the disagreement, and therefore should stop fighting (again). “Miss you, Love you, Want to be with you”. You get the idea.

Then I went out. It was a really good evening! My friend invited me over to her place for dinner and she made a VERY nice vegetable curry. We sat on the sofa, ate, watched tv and chatted. I love this kind of evening! It’s thoroughly enjoyable and allows cooking which is always fun when in company!

I really love this girl! She’s a great friend who I’ve know for a good few years. We met at a mutual friend’s party and went to an All-American Reject concert a few months later. We’ve regularly met up for coffee and chats and the occasional film (Pirates of the Caribbean!) since then, even though I’ve been away in Italy for 3 years during our friendship. I’m glad to call her a dear friend! She’s always able to put a smile on my face. =)

So anyway. I left early-ish. We were both a bit tired but smiley and happy with a belly-full of curry each!

Got back in time to chat some more to my partner. The smile soon faded.

But that’s for the next entry…

PW )O(

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