Skepticism and rewards

I’ve just migrated my blog to here from Blogger.

Initially I thought this was a weird choice but actually I’m quite happy with this. It means I no longer need to log in to my many google accounts simultaneously.

That’s, of course, what happens when you get a YouTube account, a Gmail account and a BlogSpot account before Google has control over all three. And obviously, they now want you to link everything to one of their accounts. URGH! What’s even more annoying is that I have an Italian blog (a sister to this one, albeit an elder sister) that I had to migrate from Live Spaces (when Microsoft decided to shut the thing down) and thought Blogger would be a better option. I guess it makes no difference at the end of the day. I don’t actually write on the website editors!

Just so you know, on Blogger this blog is under [opens in new window/tab]. I would actually like to know which you prefer overall. I’m not bothered too much about “oh that one’s Google owned, this one’s based on Open Source software” but your experience of the blog. Another thing to bare in mind is the fact that on Blogger I can edit the HTML directly for free whereas here I have to pay. Which looks better? Which is easier to read? Which is easier for you to access and comment on? (Good grief! A microscopic red spider’s crawling its way across my screen…random… and oh damn, trying to focus on the spider is making me see the individual dots making up my screen! Crazy times!)

And now that I’ve shown off my sleep-deprived randomness, I shall leave you to the rest of your day/night.

PW )O(

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