Utopia or no Utopia?

I recently spotted this question on social networking site Diaspora*. At first glance I thought “This guy is stupid.” but actually it allowed me to think of why I don’t really agree with the options given. Here’s the original post:

“On a personal level, would you rather live in a world where everybody was nice to each other, or a world in which everybody conformed to your ideals? (and if your only ideal is that everybody be nice to each other, blessed be, this question is not for you)”

As you can see the obvious comment would be “Go away. This is a false dichotomy. Lol…you’re an idiot.”
It really does sound like a question with two identical answers.

Even after trying to see the subtleties between the two, which I make out to be either everyone nice to each other and living in a Socialist-Utopia (ie. everyone masking their true feelings) or  everyone being nice to me and living in a Utopia created around me (everyone masking their true feelings, bar me – admit it, egocentric ideals in everyone wish that you didn’t have to change but everyone else had to change and be nice to you), I can’t understand why any reasonable person would want EITHER option. <

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Society wouldn’t advance either way.

Society advances with shared ideals, individuality, small conflicts and the truces that are called afterwards. This is why the world isn’t black and white.

From two or more people having different opinions on the same subject, others follow the various opinions based on their own ideas. A common set of ideas is formed in each group (and obviously not everyone approves all ideas) which then tries to win backing from other groups. Where ideas meet secondary groups are formed, where ideas diverge there is division from groups and the cycle is started again.

It’s not politics. It’s the human way of thinking and forming groups within society. You wouldn’t have friends if you didn’t share ideals and opinions, but you have disagreements with them when your values differ from theirs.

What are your ideas?
Feel free in the comments to share them or maybe even share what your reply to the post would be.

Blessings to all!
PW )O(

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